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An experienced professional birthday clown in Pennsylvania

Hi, I'm Lilac. I have over a decade of experience as a professional clown. Clowning is how I earn a living. I perform mainly at birthday parties because they are so much fun.

Clown Quality Pledge

Here are my standards for quality clowning:

clown in Philadelphia PA area The best clown is kind. The joke is on the clown, not on audience members. Being kind also means being sensitive about consent. If a child decides to stop getting a face painting halfway through, what then? Then that child has withdrawn his consent. There is no pressure to continue, just an invitation to return if he changes his mind.

clown in Philadelphia PA areaThe best clown is funny. Mess up on purpose ridiculously. Misunderstand in funny ways. Let the children be in the know. Be hapless and silly.

clown in Philadelphia PA areaA great clown outfit is fun, not scary. I have experimented with every kind of clown face. Fancy clown faces will strike fear into at least one guest at your party. This is why I prefer a simple clown face with a paper nose.

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